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The CL1 digital desk is a truly useful sound reinforcement console that can keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of live sound applications. Yamaha's acclaimed Centralogic concept is the core of a refined user interface that offers a new level of operating efficiency, from visual feedback right down to the form and feel of the faders and controls. Read More »

The Core Point 30 LED Uplighter is a high intensity, vivid-colour battery powered LED light with wireless control, fully rated for outdoor use (IP65). At a full 2500 lumens will light up architectural features, pathways, marquees & wall-washing. Can be powered and charged from mains. All in a compact 25cm cube rugged sized case. Read More »

The Panasonic PT-RZ470 single chip DLP projectors offer sharp image quality and a compact body with full WXGA resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Fitted with Panasonic’s Lamp Free Solid Shine LED and Laser technology for longer life of image quality. Read More »

The QU24 takes compact digital mixing to a new level with innovative design and exceptional functionality, the QU24 is the perfect alternative to analogue mixing. In addition to a range of gating, compression, and equalization capabilities, you can also record/playback from USB, via the QU-Drive. Read More »