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/ Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K10 Added to Lighting Hire Stock

A.leda B-EYE K10 is a truly innovative LED-based moving light, featuring stunning effects. First and foremost A.leda B-EYE K10 is a perfect wash light, generating beautiful colors and featuring an impressive, wide 6 to 70 degree beam aperture. The zoom however can be closed even further, down to as little as 4 degrees. A.leda B-EYE K10 also is a stunning effect light: the front lens can be rotated in either directions and at variable speed and many little beams are created, that can be unfolded or closed like petals. When colours and dynamic patterns are added, B-EYE generates countless kaleidoscopic projections, as no other LED fixture has ever done.


Contact the Hire Department for further details, to arrange a demo or for a competitive quote…..

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