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/ CPL Invests in Latest Coolux Media Servers

We’re pleased to announce that we were among the first UK rental companies to take delivery of the latest Coolux Pandora’s Box quad head media servers.

These four DVI output units are to replace our existing Pandora’s Box units, which were also among the first in UK rental stock when purchased 5 years ago. The new units were specified by project manager Nick Diacre, and supplied via UK distributors, TMB. This investment was timed to coincide with a large automotive industry event, after which they will be going directly on to another show where sophisticated video mapping is required.

With media server technology developing so rapidly in the last five years, Nick looked at all the options when it came to the scope of our projects, a lot of which are based in the corporate presentation sector and involve detailed graphics, wide screen work and projector mapping. It was easily the best control option for the type of work that we do.

Pandora’s Box offers very fine mapping tools and strong warping components. It can also take mesh files generated in 3D Studio and map video content precisely to the required 3D objects. The unit also includes 2 capture cards – which include twin DVI as well as twin HD-SDI inputs. Pandora’s Box is capable of playing back 4K video files, and gives the user a highly scalable 3D environment all in one unit, reducing the need for multiple servers to run large shows. The new system will compliment our Christie Vista Spyder processing systems.

The timing is also spot on for the investment as the technology is at the start of its life cycle, and therefore its utility can be maximised and there is also plenty of headroom for future expandability. All in all it’s a great product, and there’s nothing else currently on the market that can touch the complexity and refinement of the warping and mapping engines.

For further information on this product or to arrange a demo on Pandoras Box please contact Jimmy Smith on 0845 689 2000

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