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CPL were pleased to support the Lion’s Den stage at the Boomtown Fair – the UK’s Maddest City – Festival. The festival – under the artistic direction of Lak Mitchell and Chris Rutherford – is one of the UK’s favourite, most unique and vibrant events and the Lion’s Den Stage is acclaimed for its awesome line up of established Reggae artists and emerging talent.

CPL’s Nick Diacre and Jimmy Smith were on site as Production Manager’s, co-ordinating all technical production, site management and related business in this area, including Health & Safety.

Nick has been involved in the Lion’s Den stage production for four of the five years since Boomtown started, however, this was the first time that he was responsible for co-ordinating multiple elements of the production …which he describes as “A real experience that saw some great teamwork between a collection of very imaginative, talented and dedicated  individuals and companies who made it all look easy, plus some awesome music. Boomtown has really matured since the first event. There’s a huge focus on making sure it’s a truly visual and other worldly environment for the enjoyment of 30,000 party people”.

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