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/ d&b Y Series Added to Hire Stock

CPL are pleased to announce the arrival of the Y Series to be added to their extensive stock of audio equipment available to hire. The Y-Series loudspeakers are designed with a clear perspective to provide flexible and configurable solutions, even in the most arduous sound reinforcement situations. Performing arts, conferences and live shows; applications all demanding strict qualities in the performance, look and feel of a loudspeaker. On one side the Y-Series provides adept small to medium scale, stand alone or distributed point source solutions, whereas on the other hand the wide spectrum of midsized line array potential is inherited from its bigger brothers, the V-Series and J-Series. Flexible horizontal dispersion characteristics combined with either rotatable horns or innovative custom waveguides ensure constant directivity over a wide bandwidth.

Please contact the Hire Department for further information, a product demo or competitive quote…..

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