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/ CPL Gets Back to Camp Gallery

CPL Gets Back to Camp

CPL was delighted to return to the attractive leafy environs of Ragley Hall in Warwickshire to provide a full video production package for the Main Stage at the 2017 Camper Calling festival … a new event staged by Jazz Events, part of the Jazz Publishing Group.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural two day Camper Calling, this year the capacity was doubled from 3000 to 6000 and another day of fun and entertainment for all the family was added, making it three days, which allowed people to enjoy some rare and endangered glorious late august bank holiday weekend weather – apparently the hottest on record!

Main Stage headliners included Cast, The Lighting Seeds and the Flying Swordfish, and CPL was working for Urban Audio, with a team on site led by PM Simon Haydon.

Fifty panels of Roe 3.4 mm LED screen were installed onstage, flown off a mid-stage truss and configured as a 4 meter wide by 3.5 high main screen, flanked by two columns left and right which were half a metre wide and 3.5 metres deep.

Visuals were run from a d3 4x4pro media server. Artists were able to submit their own footage to be played out during their set or if their didn’t have any specific material, they could supply artwork, a logo or visuals to Simon, who would then produce a creative video montage that would run ‘live’ during their performance. This gave everyone the chance to have something distinctive, individual and eye-catching on screen. It also made a big difference to the camera aesthetics – ensuring there was always something interesting happening upstage rather than staring into a black hole.

Three camera channels were provided for the IMAG mix which was created by Simon using a Panasonic AV-HS400 PPU.

The line-up also included several other popular bands from the 1990s and noughties including Space, Reef, Musical Youth, Artful Dodger, Backbeat Sound System and others … and with up to nine bands playing each day, CPL’s imaginative video skills helped all to look unique.

Video was also utilised to ensure that Camper Calling branding was regularly reinforced on the screen.

To maximise interactivity and communication for the festival population, visitors could Tweet a photo of themselves together with the hashtag #campercalling, which was received via a 4G mobile connection on a laptop by Simon.

For the get-in / get-out, Simon was joined by Lee and Jack as crew, and Simon himself was the show technician.

“It was really enjoyable” he commented, “A great atmosphere, very inclusive and friendly … and it’s good to see everything build and develop from last year, including an investment in production values and an appreciation how that effects the overall guest experience”.

The CPL team are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Project Manager: Simon Haydon