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CPL Supplies Re-branding Event

CPL supplied lighting, projection and an HD IMAG camera package for a conference and evening event in London staged by one of the UK’s leading medical technology companies … which was fully themed as an indoor music festival.

The normally standard conference facilities of the Hilton Edgware Road’s Monarch and Kings Suites were transported to a cool countryside location for the evening as part of the rebranding event, complete with live music, rock-eoke and other essential festival accoutrements like portals, hippy vans and tents, plus large quantities of AstroTurf! These great festival vibes were courtesy of production company Outlook, who asked CPL on board to creative light the environment and provide some eye-catching AV.

The 16 metre wide set featured some spectacular widescreen projections, achieved by four rear projecting Panasonic 20K machines, all mounted on floor-based towers, and running with fully redundant back-ups .. utilizing 8 machines in total.

One of CPL’s Barco E2 screen management systems was deployed for control, a Coolux Pandora’s Box media server took care of all the playback video content appearing on the screen and a series of media PCs were provided for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations taking place during the afternoon conference session that preceded the festival.

A serious amount of lighting went into a relatively compact space, all used to great effect!

Moving lights included 20 x Clay Paky Sharpies, 20 x CP a.leda K10 and K20 LED washes fitted with B-Eye lenses, 8 x CP Mythos and 16 x Martin MAC Aura LED washes, plus a large selection of generics – PARs, profiles and fresnels.

All these were controlled by Ian “Tat” Robertson on an Avolites Quartz desk.

To make it all look more authentically like a real festival gig, large PA towers – an L-Acoustics Kara system – were installed either side of the stage by Urban Audio in the main room.

These and the additional over-stage lighting were clearly visible during the daytime session. The screen stayed on place but the conference elements were removed at the end of the day, and the space changed over in a short and relatively seamless operation to the festival set up for the evening.

The portaloos, tents, etc. were at the back of the room, the field was in front of the stage and all was nicely and atmospherically lit by CPL with a few flourishes of theatre.

For band IMAG during the festival CPL supplied a camera package comprising three cameras, two Sony HXC-100s positioned two at the back of the room on risers, and one Sony PMW-500 wireless hand-held onstage and roaming in the audience, all fed into a Panasonic AVHS 410 PPU.

Project Manager: Simon Haydon