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Energetic Graduation

The Britannia Suite at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, West Midlands, just up the road from CPL’s HQ in Warwickshire was the location for an internal awards ceremony organised by a leading energy supplier for their latest crop of graduating engineers.

CPL was asked by production company Outlook Events to supply all the technical production for the day-time event.

The set was designed and supplied by Outlook, with LED detail spec’d and installed by CPL. Led by PM Mike, the team specified four 12K Panasonic laser projectors (2 live 2 ‘hot’ backup) to throw video content and slide images on to a main and  a smaller side screen.

The main screen was a 3.5 metre wide Stumpfl BP product integrated in the set, while the smaller one was a 2.4 metre wide also secured to the back of the set. Graphics were delivered via laptops supplied by Outlook and video was played back using Playback Pro on CPLs Mac’s, routed to each screen via two Barco PDS-902 switchers.

The set was internally lit with high quality LED tape ensconced into a series of extrusions running around the set, all run via CPL’s newly purchased Enttec LED drivers. This subtle ambient layer of LED illumination was complemented with bolder LED PAR sources positioned around the set.

For the Award lighting, two 14 metre trusses were installed, rigged with 8 x Martin MAC Aura LED wash luminaires and six Clay Paky Mythos multi-purpose moving lights for texturing and effects, plus 2K Fresnels for generic stage washes.

All lighting was controlled via an Avolites Quartz console, running with an Avo Power Cube as the dimmer / PD.

Good clear sound was essential, for the presentation, so eight d&b E12 speakers were flown around the room with E6’s for front fills and Q-SUBS behind the stage to add a bit of depth and atmosphere.

Two Shure dual receivers with hand held-mics and belt packs were provided for the speakers, all run through a Yamaha QL1 console, together with background music that was also stored on the MacBooks.

Project Manager: Mike Radford