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The Barco Image Pro II is an advanced high performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder converting any input signal format to any output format. Image Pro II supports universal analogue, DVI single and dual link, HDMI, display port and SD/HD/3G SDI signal formats. Loop-through outputs are provided for the Analogue, DVI and SDI input and genlock signals.

Input 1:Universal Digital/Analogue DVI-I
Input + Loop Through

Input 2:Universal Analogue VGA
Input + Loop Through

Input 3:HDMI Input, up to 2048x1080p @ 60Hz

Input 4:Display Port Input, up to 2560×1600 @60Hz

Input 5:HDSDI/3G Input + Loop Through

Outputs:HDSDI, 3G HDSDI, Composite, DVI-D, VGA,
HDMI, Display Port

Features:2-bit processing resolution up to WQXGA (2560×1600), frame rate up to 120 Hz for 1080p
system configuration and restore via USB

Power Consumption: 0.5 Amps

Transport Weight (Kg): 10.7

£300.00 Day     £900.00 Week