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The Barco MatrixPro 8×8 DVI router accepts inputs up to 2048 x 1080 (including all HD) resolutions. Each input is re-clocked as it passes through the router maintaining the DVI signal strength. Each output channel can also display an internally generated test pattern. The test patterns are available with or without any valid input signals. The MatrixPro 8×8 DVI is also automatically recognised by the ScreenPro II controller allowing for easy integration into complete Barco Multiscreen systems.

Inputs: 8 x DVI-I Connectors

Input Type: DVI-D Single Link
640 x 480 – 2048 x 1080

Outputs: 8 x DVI-I Connectors

Output Type: DVI-D Single Link
640 x 480 – 2048 x 1080

Features: Can be controlled by ScreenPro II & Encore Controllers, Internal Test Patterns

Power Consumption: 1.0 Amps

Transport Weight (Kg): 12.8

£200.00 Day     £600.00 Week