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The Brompton Tessera M2 is a LED video processor, designed to fulfil the needs of high-profile events, television and top-end installations. The processor communicates with the LED panels using the proprietary Tessera protocol, which is built on standards-compliant Gigabit Ethernet technology, therefore conventional Gigabit Ethernet cabling can be used, and off-the-shelf equipment and networking techniques can be applied.
Brompton Tessera M2 can simultaneously control multiple panel types, automatically scaling content to match different pixel pitches. A 1:1 mapping mode is also available for shows where the content has already been pixel mapped. The processor also offers completely free panel placement and rotation on full 1920x1080p canvas removes the need for external pixel mapping. Panel position is also updated in real-time as they are dragged across the GUI.

POA. Please call to discuss your requirements

Inputs:2 x SD/HD/3G-SDI
1 x DVI

Outputs:4 x Tessera Protocol (Neutrik Ethercon)

Canvas Size:1920×1080 pixels Non-standard canvases available in low-latency mode