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The Paglink Cube Charger is a compact and tough location charger, designed for charging up to 16 Paglink batteries simultaneously (4 Batteries linked per Charger Channel).  The included Paglink PL96e batteries can also be linked together for discharge, meaning all four batteries can be used on one camera at once to quadruple the battery capacity.  The Paglink PL96e Batteries have a capacity of 96 Watt-hours which means there are no restrictions on air transportation, they also feature a Run-time and Capacity indicator which shows remaining camera run-time in hours and minutes. When linked, run-time is displayed for the total of all batteries connected.

Battery Connector:  PAGlink V-Mount Connector

Capacity: 96 Watt-Hours

Kit Includes: 1 x Paglink Cube Charger
4 x Paglink PL96e Batteries


Transport Weight (Kg): 12.9

£70.00 Day     £210.00 Week