/ CPL Rate Card App for Phones and Tablets

The CPL Rate Card App is a portable reference guide for Production and AV professionals providing essential information about the products available at CPL, allowing quick and easy access to product specifications, pricing and images. Latest product information is downloaded to your device which is then available offline.

The newly available updated App now shows additional product information including Flying and Transport Weights, and introduces a range of handy features including downloadable product manuals, product sharing via email and social media, picture zoom function with even more pictures available for each product.

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App Help and Controls

* Swipe right to reveal the categories menu (iOS only).

* Swipe left to hide the categories menu (iOS only).

Data and Images

* When you first install this app, it requires an internet connection to download product data.

* Our product information constantly changes so you will be prompted to download the lastest data every week.

* Images are only downloaded when you have an internet connected. If you don’t see images then you’re offline or have a slow internet connection.


If you are experiencing problems with this app, please try the following:

* Quit the app completely then restart it.

* Go to the settings menu and select Download latest stock

* The app periodically requires an internet connection to download latest product data

* Product images will only appear if you have an internet connection