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/ Yamaha CL5 72 Channel Digital Desk Added to AV Hire Stock

CPL continued its investment in premium brand technology and was among one of the first UK rental companies to take delivery of the highly acclaimed Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console.

CPL already has a large stock of Yamaha LS9 and other desks. One reason the CL5 was chosen is that it runs on the same operating principals as these, so all engineers who are used to working with Yamaha digital consoles will be able to use the CL5 immediately, and quickly familiarise themselves with its many advanced features.

We were keen to be among the first AV rental operations in the UK able to offer their clients all of the benefits offered by the new CL series. The compact size and weight for 72 channels is a ‘no brainer’” and it is “perfect” for so many of the corporate events and presentations that CPL services. It is a truly multi-purpose console that will fit neatly into any space and transport very easily.

The CL series provides accessible, intuitive mixing for a wide range of applications, combining sonic purity with advanced sound shaping capabilities in a user-friendly interface. It is the first Yamaha console family to run natively using the Dante digital audio network protocol, with connections between Dante elements via Cat5e cable further reducing overall weight and truck space requirements. Other Dante devices can be connected to the network keeping the domain completely digital, and in this context, CPL’s CL5 was supplied with two Yamaha RIO-3224-D stage racks giving 64 inputs and 32 outputs which connect via Cat5e in a simple daisy-chain or redundant star-network. Up to eight RIO stage-boxes can operate on the same network, including the smaller RIO1608-D, providing excellent expansion and audio distribution potential.

Developed in close collaboration with audio console guru Rupert Neve, the CL Series includes a Premium Rack with a Rupert Neve Designs five band Portico 5033 equaliser and a Portico 5043 compressor/limiter. Up to eight Premium Rack devices can be assigned, including VCM technology emulations of other classic analogue devices. Via Dante, the console is also optimised for very straightforward live multitrack recording at the touch of a button utilising Steinberg Nuendo Live, which is supplied with the system and runs on Mac or PC, or any other Digital Audio Workstation

James Lawford, Sales Manager at LMC Audio Systems, commented:

“The CL5 is the largest in Yamaha’s new family of consoles titled “CL”. With the CL3 and CL1 differing only in the size of worksurface and number of input channels, CPL will be able to leverage the capabilities of the CL series across the broad range of work that they carry out, with the exact same processing features, detailed worksurface layout and ease of use in the smaller consoles as in the CL5.

“The availability of the RIO-1608-D stage-box, and the move towards Dante by other third party manufacturers, will allow CPL to harness the power of a fully integrated digital audio network, working across standard Cat5e cabling and Ethernet switches, future-proofed with the move towards AVB, and with the reliability, ease of use and wide industry acceptance of a Yamaha console.”

For further information or to arrange a demo on the CL5 please contact the Richard Burrow on 0845 689 2000



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